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We are a wholly locally owned and operated small business from Florence, Italy.

Our company was built by guides with years of experience touring Italy and the world, set on creating tours that express our idea of and passion for tourism.

We employ local, knowledgeable guides. When you support our guides and our company, you are supporting our wider community and the idea of sustainable tourism that highlights unique environments, off the beaten path.

We believe in keeping our tours small and of the highest quality.

We think green and believe in a form of tourism that is sustainable and has minimal impact on our beautiful environment.

Our tours are tailored to people that want to have fun and respect the local environment at the same time.

We offer hiking/trekking in unique, unforgettable places throughout Florence, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre.

We act local, think global, change the present.

We are fully licensed tour operators.

Grazie mille!

Our Values

Journeys worth taking

We aim to deliver nature in a unique way.

Our experiences are designed to help fully understand the places we visit.

We will help you discover beautiful, unique, off the beaten path locations with a deeply local touch.

Our region and its surroundings are some of the most scenic and visited in the whole world. Our tours
were designed with this in mind. By protecting nature and our environment we will preserve our area
and be able to share it with all the more people.

Our base is in Florence, the heart of the Renaissance, where the streets are busy and art can be found in
every corner. This pushed us to be different and offer something that was not being offered. We
explored our region to find special places where you will taste local foods and wines. We also offer
hikes near Florence and the Cinque Terre.

So if you are looking for a unique way to see Florence, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, while enjoying
our wonderful natural environment and tasting our world-renowned food and wine, you have come to
the right place!


Visit unique places out of the box

Stefano is the founder and CEO of Out of the Box Florence. Raised in a small town outside of
Florence, Stefano has long been interested in tourism and its effects on the surrounding

His degree in “Tourism Impacts on Societies” provided a good platform to support responsible
tourism in his home region of Tuscany.

Out of the Box Florence is Stefano’s first solo venture after years of experience in the tourism
sector in Italy and abroad. This personal experience is what drove Stefano to create a
company that would focus on supporting local communities and sustainable touristic

Stefano is what you may call a “Renaissance Man” (fitting as he is from its birthplace)
because in addition to his experience guiding tours, he is also a talented actor and farmer.

In Stefano’s free time (not much!) he enjoys running and hiking and has completed more
ultra-marathons, marathons and half marathons than he can count.
He loves riding his gravel bike Hildebranda in Tuscany

Lorenzo, Expert guide and more

The first member to join the project Out of the box Florence.
Charismatic and funny has been leading people in different adventures in Tuscany and Cinque terre for years before landing to us.
Great passion about mother nature and especially mushrooms, not the touristy truffle but the real authentic ones, porcini, chantarelles, etc
Loves wines and beers and he is always outisde in the woods scouting for more adventures.
Works also with people with disabilites and he has a big heart.
Come and ask him many questions, he has all the answers 🙂
Last but not least….
He is a FRIEND of BATMAN, come and see…

People we trust

Calabria Expert, in love with Italy

I would love to introduce you to Katrin. Urlaub an der Stiefelspitze

She is totally in love with Calabria, and of course Italy.
Everything she picks has something special, she connects people and places with her incredible talent.

Her website is a wonderful resource of travel tips:
Calabria Travel tips

Katrin, is a marvellous person, in love with travelling and organising tailored trips for whom wants to visit Calabria and Italy like a local.
Her devotion to choose just the best locations for her guests is the key to her success.
She runs the best pizza place in Freiburg (Germany), please try it if you pass by Freiburg. It’s outstanding…
Best pizza in Freiburg (Germany)

Ask her anything about your holiday and she will figure out what’s the best for you.
Even if she will never admit that Tuscany is better than Calabria 🙂


Featured Testimonials

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Kay R. Wells
I’m not a big walker but I thought of trying and I wasn't disappointed at all. Great half day in the woods looking to Florence, calm and quiet instead of the busy noisy streets. I had opened shoes and it was ok but there are rocks and stones so maybe closed trainers are better. I’m 60, still very young 🙂 Thanks to my tour guide for her help, sorry I forgot her name.

Kay R. Wells
Museum Curator
Latimer Pelchat
Honestly after 1 day in Florence you want to evade and find some peace. This experience was really nice, good food and wines. They have 2 departures a day, I booked the afternoon one for the sunset(depends on the time of the year) and oh my, the view of Florence was superb and super quiet. Gave me a total perspective of the city and I learned a lot about Etruscans. Thanks Stefano and the driver Giuseppi.

Latimer Pelchat
Software consultant
Ella Angles
You can’t leave without having tried this tour. Full day and time flies. Prepared to walk, I recommend you comfy closed shoes. Ah bring water and sunscreen. That pasta for lunch was marvellous. Thank you Stefano

Ella Angles
Managing director
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