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Our tours are specifically designed to protect nature and have less of an impact on the environment. Our base is in Florence, one of the main touristic cities in Italy and We want to take you where you can admire the beauty of our land away from the crowd.  We offer outdoor excursions and wine tastings in Florence and throughout Tuscany and The Cinque Terre.

Something good for you and for the enviroment. About us

Stefano, the dreamer behind this journey, has started this adventure to prove that a different way of travelling is possible. Stefano wants to show its land in the most green and ecological way, away from those touristic spots and making you appreciate the beauty of Tuscany, Florence, the Cinque terre or wherever you want to go.

“The Dome of Florence is beautiful and unique, but if you see it only next to, like all the others 14 millions tourist, it doesn’t leave you anything! Come and see the Dome from the hills where you will have a unique view on a unique building”

Stefano wants to deliver unique spots in a unique way!

Out Of The Box Experiences

Come and support Stefano’s idea of tourism, for a better way of travelling. Responsible and sustainable tourism is the key to move foward for a brighter future.

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Our motto is “Better do special, than famous, things“, Don’t be a follower, choose to be a Pioneer.

Welcome to Out Of The Box Florence, where passions converge to create unforgettable journeys! As the founder and heart behind this venture, I am an experienced hiking guide, a knowledgeable wine sommelier, and a dedicated tour operator. With a deep commitment to sustainable tourism, I have curated a realm of adventure that harmoniously blends the thrill of tracking through breathtaking landscapes, the delight of savoring exquisite wines, and the joy of indulging in local cuisines.

At Out of The Box Florence, we believe in crafting more than just tours; we create transformative experiences that linger in your heart and mind. Our hikes aren’t just about reaching a summit, but about embracing the journey, connecting with nature, and leaving a positive impact on the environment. Each wine tasting is a voyage of the senses, an exploration of flavors, and a celebration of the artisans who craft them. Our dedication to sustainable practices ensures that every step you take with us leaves no trace but lasting memories.

But we don’t stop at hiking and wine. Our passion for personalized adventures extends to biking, where we pedal through charming trails, discovering hidden gems that only locals know. And when it comes to food, we’re not just eating; we’re savoring cultures, traditions, and stories that come alive on your plate.

At Out Of The Box Florence, we’re not just tour guides; we’re storytellers, memory-makers, and stewards of responsible tourism. Join us in creating a more vibrant world, one step, sip, and bite at a time. Together, let’s embark on journeys that touch your soul and inspire your wanderlust.

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  • I’m not a big walker but I thought of trying and I wasn't disappointed at all. Great half day in the woods looking to Florence, calm and quiet instead of the busy noisy streets. I had opened shoes and it was ok but there are rocks and stones so maybe closed trainers are better. I’m 60, still very young 🙂 Thanks to my tour guide for her help, sorry I forgot her name.
    Kay R. Wells
    Kay R. Wells
  • Honestly after 1 day in Florence you want to evade and find some peace. This experience was really nice, good food and wines. They have 2 departures a day, I booked the afternoon one for the sunset(depends on the time of the year) and oh my, the view of Florence was superb and super quiet. Gave me a total perspective of the city and I learned a lot about Etruscans. Thanks Stefano and the driver Giuseppi.
    Latimer Pelchat
    Latimer Pelchat
  • You can’t leave without having tried this tour. Full day and time flies. Prepared to walk, I recommend you comfy closed shoes. Ah bring water and sunscreen. That pasta for lunch was marvellous. Thank you Stefano
    Ella Angles
    Ella Angles
  • I can’t recommend this tour enough. Stefano was great. I felt like a local and more like a friend to them. What you see walking is just stunning. Wines are marvellous and organic. Sooo good. I couldn’t believe the price, they should charge way more. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Mark C. Merritt
    Mark C. Merritt
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